Family Crimes Defense

Family Crimes Defense Carrollton, Texas Denton County , Texas Dallas County, Texas
Our Carrollton Divorce Lawyers and Family Attorneys utilize our experienced team to help you fight allegations against assault family violence charges.  If you have been accused of a family crime and need family crimes defense, call our offices today to speak with a qualified attorney regarding your case.  You may call one of our Dallas and Denton County attorneys at (469) 910-0085 or by email thr...
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Fathers’ Rights

Fathers' Rights in Texas
Unfortunately in Texas, the court system generally gives the upper hand to the mother during child custody and divorce proceedings when it comes to time with the children.  This unfair system leaves many fathers alienated from their children throughout the course of the child's life.  At the Davis Legal Group, we know how important a father's role is in the upbringing of his children and fight dil...
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Property Divisions in a Texas Divorce

Texas child support enforcement
Everything you and your spouse own is considered “community property.” Meaning, you and your spouse have an undivided 50/50 claim to everything in a Divorce proceeding in Carrollton | Addison | Dallas area. However, some property may have been owned before the marriage, or obtained during the marriage as a gift or an inheritance. In these instances, the property is considered “separate property.” ...
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Texas Uncontested Divorce Law

carrollton divorce law
Texas uncontested divorce law is fairly straightforward and the process can allow certain individuals the ability to handle most of the process on their own. The idea behind an uncontested divorce is that the couple reaches a legitimate agreement that both will stand by throughout the divorce process.  If a couple is able to agree on the terms of their divorce, such as child custody, support, fina...
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Child Support in a Texas Divorce

carrollton divorce attorneys
Child Support Guidelines How much will I Pay / Receive in child support? To determine the amount of child support, the court will usually apply the "child support guidelines" to the parent's monthly net resources. The child support guildelines are spelled out in the family code and basically provide that the parent who is responsible for paying child support will pay the following percenta...
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Divorce Law

Carrollton Divorce Attorney
The Family Law Attorneys at Davis Law Firm, P.C. know the difficulties and stresses that go into marital separations.  Therefore, our firm believes in providing affordable, no hassle options for those wishing to separate.  If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, contact our lead Carrollton Divorce Attorney, Nick Davis, in Carrollton, Texas and Dallas, Texas to discuss your options for an...
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Wills, Trusts, Agreements

Texas Uncontested Divorce Carrollton, Texas
If you or a member of your family would like a Qualified Family Law Attorney to prepare a Will, Trust, Pre-Marital or Post-Marital Agreement, contact our Carrollton, Texas Attorneys for a Free Consult. We offer low cost, flat fee options on the drafting of enforceable Texas legal documents such as Wills, Trusts, and Marital Agreements. (469) 910-0085
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Adoption Law

Our Carrollton, Texas Family Law Attorneys offer personalized, affordable adoption law services for those wishing to adopt a child through a traditional, same-sex, step-parent or family member adoption process.  Contact us today for a Free Consult with one of our experienced Texas Adoption Law Attorneys. (469) 910-0085.
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